My offering
Over 10 years, I’ve seen first-hand the gaps in end-of-life service provision and how people could be better supported during difficult times. I’ve also taken what I’ve learned designing services and products that transform palliative and end-of-life care, and integrated training from End-of-Life Doula UK, to offer a personalised end-of-life support service for people, friends and families.

I offer holistic support in areas such as:

  • Emotional and Practical Guidance: I provide empathetic support and practical advice for individuals and families navigating the end-of-life journey.
  • Psycho-Spiritual Support: I assist individuals in exploring and finding comfort in the existential and spiritual aspects of their journey, focusing on making sense of life experiences and confronting end-of-life challenges.

My approach
My support service is characterised by a compassionate and holistic approach, where I aim to:

  • Create a safe and supportive space for open discussion about end-of-life issues.
  • Offer guidance tailored to the unique emotional, spiritual, and practical needs of each individual and family.
  • Collaboratively explore and address the existential questions and challenges that arise during this life stage.

Why work with me

  • Empathy and Understanding: My approach is deeply empathetic, resonating with the emotional and spiritual needs of those facing end-of-life situations.
  • Expert Guidance: Leveraging my training and experience, I can offer informed and sensitive advice for the various issues that face families. Though I am not a healthcare professional, many of the issues facing families are not always clinical: it impacts almost every other aspect of lives.
  • Holistic Support: Recognizing the multidimensional nature of end-of-life experiences, I provide comprehensive support that encompasses emotional, spiritual, and practical aspects.

Engagement details

Service Type Description Duration Price Booking
Free Initial Consultation A complimentary session to discuss your needs and how we can assist you. 30 minutes Free Book Now
Standard Consultation In-depth consultation for ongoing support and guidance. 50 minutes £30 Book Now