Design consultancy

I’ve been working as a designer for 16 years, 10 of those in healthcare. What sets me apart is not just my expertise in design, but my empathy and insight into the intricate balance between innovation, human needs, and the practical realities of health and care environments. This unique perspective comes from my extensive collaboration with healthcare professionals, patients, and their families, granting me a deep understanding of the real-world challenges when it comes to supporting people and organisations that do the difficult work to improve our health and wellbeing.

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What others say about working with me

“Ivor is a really profound communicator about a range of things that many people consider ‘sensitive’. He is very thoughtful about how he hold his wisdom on a topic that wider society/others have considerably less comfort or experience talking about.”
– Iona Lawrence, co-founder of The Decelerator and the Jo Cox Foundation

“Ivor is deeply empathetic and has a unique approach that blends collaboration and creativity with critical thinking and rigor. He has been my design therapist for Apart of Me, guiding me wisely on a number of key design decisions we needed to make over the last years. I would say that Ivor is the wisest designer I know.”
– Louis Weinstock, psychotherapist and co-founder of Bounce Works

End-of-life support

I have also seen first-hand the gaps in end-of-life service provision and how people could be better supported during difficult times. I’ve also taken what I’ve learned designing services and products that transform palliative and end-of-life care, and integrated training from End-of-Life Doula UK, to offer a personalised end-of-life support wservice for people, friends and families.

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